House to debate on 4 bills as White House preps for shutdown

by ian

With only five days left to prevent a government shutdown, House Republicans are debating on a rule package tomorrow in an effort to clear the way for funding that would benefit the Defense, Agriculture, Homeland Security, and State Departments.

This comes as last week the House failed twice to pass a rule for a defense appropriations bill and it’s unclear if the new package will pass as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) continues to struggle with conservative holdouts demanding meaningful spending cuts.

To make matters more complicated, McCarthy reversed his promise over the weekend to cut $300 million in defense funding meant for Ukraine, saying it was too difficult. It’s a move that will likely cost him some votes, with party hardliners becoming increasingly critical of U.S. funding for Ukraine.

Meanwhile, as Republicans struggle to come up with a solution to their internal struggles, the White House is now directing federal agencies to prepare for a shutdown on Oct. 1.