Hunter trial reveals government knew about laptop reliability in 2019

by ian

The trial against Hunter Biden is ongoing and, as expected, the infamous laptop made an appearance.

On Tuesday, the prosecution used the laptop and the many unflattering images of the president’s son in their round of questioning.

Speaking with FBI Special Agent Erika Jensen, the prosecution asked if the laptop was real and if anything had been altered or tampered with. Jensen confirmed the laptop’s authenticity, saying the Bureau had painstakingly worked to verify the piece of tech since late 2019.

On her show, Megyn Kelly detailed the timeline in which the FBI reportedly verified the laptop.

According to this testimony, the government knew the laptop was real all along and then consciously lied about it and acted to suppress it before the 2020 election.

This flies in the face of how the media initially treated the laptop when it was first reported by the New York Post. Namely: most outlets reported that the laptop was “vetted” as definitely being a fake, which led to numerous fallisn out between Republicans and journalists.

One notorious example was between Leslie Stahl of “60 Minutes” and former President Donald Trump. Trump released an unedited version of this interview, in which Stahl says the laptop cannot “be verified,” despite Trump telling them to look into it.

The new revelation also points a finger at how the Biden campaign similarly treated this information.

It remains to be seen how this revelation may impact Hunter Biden’s case, as he is charged with lying about drug use in order to purchase a handgun.