Hurricane Otis hits Mexico harder than expected

by ian


A hurricane once thought to be relatively mild struck Mexico’s coast as a behemoth Category 5 on Wednesday.

Hurricane Otis was being tracked to hit the city of Acapulco sometime this week. However, as phrased by the National Hurricane Center, a “nightmare scenario” occurred as Otis approached the coastline.

According to the NHC, Otis “explosively intensified” into a Category 5 hurricane within 24 hours. This type of rapid intensification hasn’t happened since Hurricane Patricia in 2015.

Officials have since been able to sift through the damage after Otis hit. Reports say that at least 27 people have died in Acapulco. The storm downed Acapulco’s municipal water system and knocked power out in 500,000 homes.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador toured the area after the storm passed through, saying that out of all of the destruction the loss of life “hurts the most.”