IDF begins operation in Rafah

by ian

In Israel, the IDF is pushing forward with its operation in Rafah.

According to Reuters, the IDF took control of the southern section of the Rafah crossing today. The crossing has been a key passage for Palestinian aid. The Gaza Crossings Authority said in a statement that Israel’s occupation is a “death sentence” against ill and injured Gaza residents.

However, Hamas used the location to launch deadly rockets just over the weekend, prompting the IDF to respond. Residents said they received leaflets from the IDF about their planned operation.

The Israeli military said most people and organizations left the eastern part of Gaza where a limited operation ended up killing about 20 fighters and unearthed three tunnel shafts.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the assault would be a “strategic mistake” and called on the opposing forces to come to an agreement.