IDF eliminates Hezbollah operative, Israelis protest Netanyahu government

by ian

On Saturday, Israel’s army announced that it had killed a key operative in Hezbollah’s Aerial Defense Unit.

In a statement, the IDF said it had eliminated Meitham Mustafa Altaar in eastern Lebanon. The army accused Altaar of being responsible for numerous attacks against Israelis and building up Hezbollah’s fighting force.

Lebanese state media later said that Altaar’s car was attacked by a drone strike while in the town of Shaath. Hezbollah confirmed his death as well but did not comment on his role in the group.

On Sunday, Hezbollah also confirmed that it launched a drone attack on Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights. They targeted an area in Golan Heights where Israel has a key surveillance center. For the moment, there have been no reports of casualties from this strike.

However, we did recently receive an updated casualty total for the Israeli military. According to official military data, the IDF has lost 679 soldiers on all fronts of the war since the October 7 terror attack.

Data further shows that 323 soldiers have died since the IDF began its Gaza ground assault on October 27. The most recent fatality was recorded on Thursday when Staff Sgt. Eyal Mimran was killed in action during battles in Gaza City.

Speaking of the IDF’s campaign in Gaza, the military has indicated that it has destroyed much of Hamas’ military capabilities in the area. Within the embattled city of Rafah, military spokesperson Daniel Hagari says the IDF is “close to defeating the Rafah brigade”, which he added was “a metaphor for all Hamas military frameworks around Gaza.”

The IDF will continue working in Gaza to eliminate all of Hamas’ military capabilities, one of its key goals in the war.

Despite what appears to be some progress on this front, Israelis are still dissatisfied with their government. Protests against the government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have cropped up again. Protesters gathered in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and other cities on Sunday.

Some took issue with the way the military is conducting its operations in Gaza, saying that the Israeli government is perpetrating “destruction” in the area. Others cried out for a greater focus on returning the 116 remaining hostages, who are supposedly still in Gaza.

Israel maintains that returning all hostages is one of the three main goals of its campaign against Hamas.