IDF official says Hamas using weapons left by U.S. in Afghanistan

by ian


The Biden administration is again in the hot seat after an Israeli commander said that US weapons left behind during the withdrawal from Afghanistan have found their way into the hands of the Hamas terrorists.

The disastrous 2021 withdrawal left 13 American soldiers killed, Afghanistan back in the hands of the Taliban, and billions of dollars of weapons and equipment left behind. The Taliban has made a profit off selling and smuggling these weapons and it seems some ended up in Gaza.

The Israeli commander told Newsweek that the IDF is seeing the Hamas terrorists using these exact weapons. Not only that, but he’s concerned that, “they can research capabilities and then learn to manufacture them,” as Iran has reportedly been reverse engineering US weapons technology.

This isn’t the first time Biden has been accused of indirectly aiding Middle Eastern terrorism.

In 2021, Biden “restored” $235 million in aid to Palestine despite concerns that the money would fund terrorism. More recently, indeed just a few weeks ago, he unfroze $6 billion in assets for Iran.

Republican Senators are now demanding Biden rescind that money, seeing as it may have funded or at least indirectly aided Hamas’ weekend attack.