IDF releases video compilation of terrorist interviews

by ian


The IDF continues to showcase the evils of Hamas through the news – this time with a compilation video showcasing interrogations of captured Hamas terrorists.

The video features multiple individuals all claiming to be members of Hamas in various positions. The faces, names, and ranks of these individuals are clearly shown.

What follows are admissions from these men regarding orders they were given for the deadly Oct 7 invasion. One man, who said he was a “department commander,” told interrogators that he was to capture the Sufa military base and proceed to a kibbutz. There, he and his unit were told to kill all young men and capture everyone else in sight.

The other interrogated members corroborated this statement, adding they were offered incentives such as being given apartments and thousands of dollars for captures. Others admitted to killing women and unarmed men during the invasion.

A couple of the captured terrorists say they believe Hamas deceived them, blaming leadership for staying behind while gathering an army to send into Israel.