IDF warns of wider war as conflict with Hezbollah intensifies

by ian

The Israeli military is warning that conflicts with another terror group in Lebanon threaten to expand the war from its current state.

Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson Daniel Hagari posted a video to X on Sunday in which he explained the IDF’s position on attacks from groups outside of Gaza. Specifically, Hagari mentioned conflicts with the Iran-backed group Hezbollah, which operates out of Lebanon to the north.

Hezbollah has increased its attacks on the northern Israeli border, which it shares with Lebanon. The group has consistently issued cross-border attacks since Israel began its campaign against Hamas. Israel has retaliated at times – more recently via an airstrike last Tuesday that killed a senior Hezbollah commander.

The terror group responded by shooting down an Israeli drone and launching a missile barrage on Israeli sites. Israel responded to those attacks on Friday, initiating a near-daily cross-border exchange of fire.

In Hagari’s message, he affirmed that Israel will do what it needs to defend itself from neighboring aggressors. Hagari further explained that Israel will continue to fight Iran’s “axis of evil,” as he called it, for the sake of Israel’s security.

It seems as though the threat of wider conflict is not lost on the rest of the world. President Joe Biden’s envoy, Amos Hochstein, is arriving in Israel this week to meet with Israeli military leaders on this issue – hoping to prevent the war from expanding any further.