Illinois passes bill targeting crisis pregnancy centers

by ian


An Illinois bill that threatens crisis pregnancy centers with a $50,000 fine for deceptive acts or practices is waiting for the governor’s signature.

State Attorney General Kwame Raoul pushed for this legislation. The vaguely defined language in the bill also says the AG is allowed to enforce the law when a limited service center “has engaged in, is engaging in, or is about to engage in any practice declared to be unlawful by the Act.” 

Republicans have pushed back heavily against the measure. Here’s what one GOP state senator said about it last month.

Notably, Democrat sponsor Rep. Terra Costa-Howard dodged answering if labeling abortion as a sin would break the law.

Both the sponsor and the AG described first-hand encounters with deceptive crisis pregnancy volunteers. But when asked, neither could say how many complaints the office had received about these centers.

Democrats passed the bill after 90 minutes of debate. Republicans are already promising to challenge the law.