Immigration becomes most important American problem

by ian

The American people aren’t fooled by talk of our borders being secure. At least, that is according to the latest poll from Gallup.

For the first time since 2019, immigration has become the most important problem facing the United States. When Americans were asked about problems facing the country in February of this year, 28% said immigration was the most important. Government came next at 20%, followed by the economy at 12% and Inflation at 11%.

The craziest part is that immigration jumped to the top spot in just one month – and by a lot. In January of this year, only 20% of Americans listed immigration as the top issue while government reigned supreme at 21%. So in the span of one month, immigration jumped 8 percentage points to become the leading problem that we face as a nation.

Gallup also asked about the severity of the threat posed by large numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country. A record high 55% of U.S. adults said this problem is a “critical threat to U.S. vital interests” – reflecting an 8-point jump from last year.

It is worth noting that Republicans are typically more likely to list immigration as their most important problem. Gallup’s data for this year reflects that, showing 90% believing illegal immigration to be a “critical threat” – an increase from 84% last year.

But Americans from all walks of life are increasingly pointing to this issue as well. Independent voters saw the sheer amount of illegal immigration as a big issue, with 54% agreeing that it is a critical threat. This reflects a 14-percentage-point increase from the year before. And 29% of Democrats express the same opinion – up from 20% in 2023.

And just to add more fuel to the fire, other pollsters seem to show similar data.

A recent Monmouth University Poll also shows that a “majority of Americans support building a border wall for the first time since Monmouth started asking this question in 2015.” That number sits at 56% for this year – and just for comparison, the same question asked during Trump’s presidency got as much as 44% support, but no higher.

All of this concern may stem from the government’s recent focus on the issue. Congress has been back and forth on crafting legislation to try and reinforce some aspects of the border while Texas takes things into its own hands.

We’ve also seen some harrowing criminal reports perpetrated by illegal immigrants. The latest hot-button issue revolves around the death of Georgia Nursing student Laken Riley. The main suspect is an illegal immigrant who authorities say murdered Riley in a “crime of opportunity.”