Inflation: Another Weapon in the Hands of a Power-Crazed Government [Op-Ed]

by Trinity Cardinal

Dan Celia, CEO & President of FISM


One thing analysts can finally agree on is that our mounting state of inflation is anything but transitory. As concerning as this may be to many, it does not appear to be keeping Janet Yellen up at night. The U.S. Secretary of Treasury is presumably an intelligent and well-educated woman…which leads one to believe that her casual stance on rising inflation rates and national debt is born out of thoughtfulness, not ignorance. The question is, what is the thought process behind her idleness on inflation and encouragement of limitless government spending?

Throughout U.S. history we can see a pattern of leadership who falsely presumed they could harness inflation to suit their means. It has never ended well. An ideology of “spend more to grow more” infiltrated the decades of The Great Inflation. Jimmy Carter’s efforts to stimulate the economy through hyperinflation should be a lesson for all forged in failure. Hyperinflation may produce an appearance of growth in some sectors, but most investors and consumers are smart enough to not take confidence in that. Baby Boomers, who account for the bulk of U.S. wealth, have lived through cycles of inflation and recession enough to see through apparitions of growth during inflation to the very real warning signals.

Unfortunately, humanity and governments seem doomed to repeat their mistakes. Undeterred by the failure of past generations, our federal government is forging forward with unprecedented spending. Without interception, our country is destined for devastating economic consequences. As opportunity wanes to monopolize on a global pandemic, perhaps this crisis will serve well our power-crazed leftist leadership? And maybe that is the point after all.

The rapid succession of destructive decisions being made for our country regarding its constitutional liberties and economic strength is daunting and discouraging. Our founding fathers would be bewildered by the power and objective of our federal government waging war on so many of our integral principles. But I believe they would also be discouraged by our failure to utilize the tools they so thoughtfully provided for us to combat tyranny. Constitutionally, the role of the federal government is to be a servant of the state, not the other way around. The most important job in America right now is that of our state governors. They need to read their state constitutions and our U.S. constitution, and they need to take back the power that our White House is so rapidly commandeering.