Investigation reveals RZIM used donor money to sue abuse survivor

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News



In the latest update to the tragic sexual abuse case involving late Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias, the investigation revealed that the ministry has used donations to bring a lawsuit against one of the victim’s of Zacharias’ abuse.

Guidepost Solutions, the same investigative team currently working on the abuse allegations in the Southern Baptist Convention, released some of its findings on the Zacharias case last week. The group found that RZIM had allegedly used $1 million of donor money to bring a defamation lawsuit against one of the victims of Zacharias’ abuse when she came forward with her claims.

RZIM alleges that not all of Guideposts’ findings are true but has admitted serious errors in overlooking Zacharias’ sin. The ministry said upon the release of the findings,

We at RZIM sincerely apologize for the enormous pain caused by Ravi Zacharias’ sin and our failure to uncover it sooner. Regretfully, we trusted and defended a man of whose integrity we were firmly convinced…We believe there are inaccurate accounts or pieces of information that were either overlooked or omitted by Guidepost and we disagree with some characterizations therein. Regardless, we believe this report provides an important assessment of our organization’s actions to investigate Zacharias and the steps we sadly failed to take.

Guidepost Solutions appears to be suspicious of RZIM’s cooperation in the investigation. Guiepost said in its report,

However, we are not confident that RZIM has provided us with all information relevant to our investigation. In other words, we fear that if we did not specifically request an exact piece of information — for example, if we were not aware of its existence, but its relevance to our work would be apparent — RZIM would not have provided it proactively, even if RZIM knew that it would provide clarity.

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