Iowa school official who protected students from shooting dies

by ian

The nation lost a true hero yesterday as the Iowa school principal who risked his life protecting his students succumbed to his injuries.

Perry High School Principal Dan Marburger was critically injured Jan. 4 when a shooter opened fire in the school. Tragically, an 11-year-old student was killed. The state department of public safety later stated that Marburger “acted selflessly and placed himself in harm’s way to protect his students.”

Perry Superintendent Clark Wicks said the principal was a “hero” who intervened and ultimately saved lives.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds issued this statement following his death: “Our entire state is devastated by the news of Dan Marburger’s death. He will forever be remembered for his selfless and heroic actions.” She also ordered all flags in Iowa to be lowered to half-staff in his honor.