Iran boasts of new drone capabilities, threatens Israel

by Renata


Iran just unveiled a new advanced drone that can strike anywhere within Israel.

Tuesday, the Iranian media released a promo video for their latest unmanned aerial combat vehicle, the Mohajer-10. And, just in case that didn’t get Israel’s attention, they put text on the video in both Hebrew and Persian saying, “Prepare your shelters.”

Iranian state media says the drone can be operated within 1,240 miles. It reaches speeds up to 130 miles per hour and altitudes up to 24,000 feet.

But the most concerning thing about the drone might be its ability to carry over 600 pounds. That’s twice as much as the Mohajer-6 drone, which could carry up to four-guided munitions.

Tehran took their threat one step further with a poster that placed the new drone above the Israeli nuclear center. The poster reads, “Prepare to return to the Stone Age.”