Iranian proxies continue attacking US troops

by ian

US forces continue to be attacked at American bases overseas.

Early this morning, forces at the Ain al-Asad airbase in western Iraq were targeted by two armed drones. The attack was endorsed by a group called the “Islamic Resistance in Iraq,” and followed reports of five rockets landing about a mile away from the same base.

Thankfully, no casualties or damage were reported from this attack. But this does mark the 25th similar strike on US forces stationed in Iraq and Syria since Oct. 17. Thus far, there is one reported death and 24 injuries reported from these attacks.

Speaking of Syria, a United Nations special envoy is warning that the Israeli war is now spilling into that nation.

Geir Pederson told the UN Security Council that the Syrian people have already seen the war enter their nation. Pederson cited airstrikes attributed to Israel and US retaliation for the aforementioned drone attacks as evidence.