ISIS could resurge with Syrian conflict, U.S. military leaders warn

by ian

Military commanders are warning that ISIS could gain power by exploiting tensions and violence in Syria.

Operation Inherent Resolve – which is a multinational joint task force that fights Islamic terrorists in the region– issued that warning on Saturday.

The U.S. is part of that coalition, which is now urging local leaders to resist bribes from bad actors. According to the leaders, doing this “allows for a situation that nobody welcomes – the resurgence of our common enemy.”

The tension comes as the Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, and local Arab tribes feud with one other. The tribes have accused the SDF for years of indiscriminately killing civilians during anti-ISIS operations, and the sides clashed last week when the SDF attempted to arrest a tribal leader. At least 34 are dead after days of violence.

ISIS lost its last major stronghold in the region back in 2019. But the group continues underground operations in both Syria and Iraq.