Israel accused of using U.S. white phosphorus in Lebanese town

by ian

Reports that Israel used U.S.-supplied white phosphorous munitions against a Lebanese town are raising the alarm.

Human rights group Amnesty International is calling for a war crime investigation after nine civilians were injured, calling it “beyond horrific.” White phosphorous ignites when it touches oxygen and can burn up to 1,500 degrees. Additionally, the chemicals are dangerous and can stick to the skin.

Amnesty says that on Oct.16, Israel shelled the border town of Dhayra for hours. At least one of the nine injured people spent days in the hospital recovering. An independent Washington Post analysis found the shells were made in the U.S. during the 80s and 90s. White House officials say they are concerned.

The Israel Defense Forces deny wrongdoing, saying they used the shells to create smokescreens and complied with international law.