Israel removing all ‘restraints’ following horrors of Kfar Aza massacre

by ian


Israel Defense Forces fired 250 airstrikes toward Gaza early Wednesday morning as the war against Hamas rages on.

Israel’s defense minister says all “restraints” were removed for an offensive into Gaza shortly after he toured a kibbutz in southern Israel where more than 100 residents were slaughtered by Hamas terrorists. One IDF general described the horrific attack on the small community of Kfar Aza.

Journalists are now verifying the gruesome details of the attack. CNN reporter Nic Robertson said local IDF officials made a point to show journalists what had happened.

The death toll in Israel currently sits at 1,200, but that could rise even higher as the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah is now firing on Israel. In response, Israel has deployed tens of thousands of troops along the northern border.