Israel to allow humanitarian aid as Biden sends money

by ian


President Joe Biden left Tel Aviv Wednesday with agreement from Israel to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza from Egypt.

For over 10 days, Israel has not allowed food, water, or medical supplies into Gaza. Israeli officials say the blockade is necessary to force Hamas to release its nearly 200 hostages, whose current fate is unknown.

President Biden has since struck a deal with Egypt and Israel to allow limited aid to cross into Gaza. About 20 trucks overseen by the UN and Egypt’s foreign minister will deliver supplies in the coming days. The WHO says the goal is to distribute 100 trucks worth of aid every day.

Biden told reporters that he was “very blunt” in telling Israel to provide aid.

Biden also announced a $100 million aid package for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, though he warns disbursement will be stopped if the funds are taken by Hamas.