Israel discovers giant tunnel used by Hamas in Oct. 7 attack

by ian

Israel unveiled a giant tunnel built by Hamas that’s wide enough to drive a car through.

It’s the largest such found in Gaza to date and played a key role in allowing the terrorist group to prepare for the devastating Oct. 7 raids. The tunnel stretches two and a half miles, dives 165 feet below the surface in some places, and links up with the larger network through Gaza. It’s estimated to have cost millions of dollars to build.

The extravagant design raises questions about how Israeli intelligence missed warning signs of Hamas’ attack plans. Israel says that security sensors didn’t detect the tunnel’s existence since it didn’t cross the border. The other side was built into a garage to conceal it from aerial surveillance.

Chief spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated on Sunday that Israeli forces found two other “city-sized” tunnels that are still being mapped. He vowed to hunt Hamas “even if we need to go down to the tunnels.”