Israel defends strike on school sheltering Hamas militants

by ian

Israel is defending its strike on a UN school in central Gaza yesterday, saying it was a targeted strike on Hamas terrorists who participated in the October 7th terror attacks.

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari says Israeli forces killed nine Hamas members in the strike. Hamas is claiming that 33 people were killed in the attack, including women and children. But Hagari said the IDF was careful to make sure no women and children were in the classrooms at the time of the strike.

The school was run by the UNRWA – a UN agency Israel has accused of having ties to Hamas. Israel accused 14 UNRWA members earlier this year of having ties to October 7th.

Last month, Israel shared a video allegedly showing Hamas terrorists inside a UNRWA compound in Rafah. The video emerged after a UN investigation said the agency did not appear to be compromised by Hamas.