Israeli officials tour Lebanese border as evacuations issued

by ian

Israeli officials including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toured the northern border of Israel yesterday amid growing tensions with Hezbollah.

Netanyahu said in a social media post that Israel “will achieve victory in the north as well, no less than that.” The tour followed Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s recent meeting with senior White House officials who still believe that a diplomatic solution with Hezbollah is the way forward.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said on Tuesday that an all-out war between Israel and Lebanon would be a “catastrophe.” Gallant responded by saying that while Israel does seek an agreement, it also wants to establish more security in the north and “change the reality on the ground.”

Yesterday, Israeli troops in the north trained for “extreme scenarios” including “combat in complex and mountainous terrain, activating fire and urban warfare.” The military said the training was “part of increasing readiness in the northern arena.”