Israel’s ceasefire plans remain murky amid President Biden’s peace proposal

by ian

Israel’s ceasefire plans remain murky amid President Joe Biden’s proposal for peace.

On Friday, Biden announced a new proposal for ending the war in Gaza and said that he had “every expectation” that Israel would agree to the deal. White House spokesman John Kirby told ABC News that the plan was an Israeli proposal and that Hamas welcomed the deal.

But on Saturday, Israel fired back saying that their plans for Gaza have not changed. They reiterated that their plan is still to destroy Hamas military and its leaders, free all hostages, and ensure that Gaza could not pose a further threat to Israel.

The prime minister’s office said, “The notion that Israel will agree to a permanent cease-fire before these conditions are fulfilled is a non-starter.” However, at the same time, some sources say that Israel has agreed to a plan but that it needed more work. The details of the situation remain unclear.