Jeffrey Epstein allegedly blackmailed Bill Gates over an affair

by ian


A new bombshell report from the Wall Street Journal alleges that Jeffrey Epstein was blackmailing Bill Gates over an affair he had.

According to the report, Gates became involved with Russian bridge player Mila Antonova in twenty ten. Sources familiar with the matter told the Journal that a year later, Epstein became aware of this, and threatened to expose the affair.

The report alleges that in the aftermath of Epstein’s first arrest and guilty plea, he used Gates’ reputation to establish an investment fund with JP Morgan.

Epstein presented himself as a close advisor to Gates when speaking with JP Morgan executives. Despite this, a spokesman for Gates told reporters that the billionaire “had no financial dealings with Epstein.”

The fund reportedly allowed Epstein to access ultra-wealthy clients and had a one hundred million dollar minimum buy in. Epstein allegedly used this fund as a way of rebuilding his livelihood.

According to the report, the blackmail continued until just two years before Epstein’s death.