Jim Jordan tapped as next Speaker ahead of Tuesday’s vote

by ian

The search for a Speaker continues in the House of Representatives this week.

Just before the weekend, Republicans nominated House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan of Ohio to take over the position after Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana dropped out on Thursday. Jordan has an uphill battle to get the 217 votes needed to take up the gavel.

Politico reports a group of Republicans is vowing to bring a challenger to the floor during Tuesday’s vote and that some say Jordan will have to drop out if he can’t rally enough support in the next few days.

But Jordan isn’t discouraged, saying he’s building a coalition of supporters. Among those supporters is former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who is confident Jordan can get the votes he needs.

Jordan’s efforts behind the scenes appear to be working. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.), who had been reportedly organizing efforts to vote against Jordan, reversed course Monday morning and is now backing him for the gavel following two weekend conversations.

As all this plays out, Democrats are looking to expand the powers of Speaker pro tempore Patrick McHenry so the chamber can bring legislation on Ukraine and Israel to the floor.