Jim Jordan threatens to limit funding to FBI as list of abuses grows

by sam

Samuel Case, FISM News


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) is renewing his threat to restrict funding to the FBI amid mounting evidence of misconduct at the bureau. 

“In the end, money always gets people’s attention. And so, what we’re going to have to do is say, ‘Hey, FBI, you can’t use federal tax dollars, you can’t use the American tax dollars for this kind of activity.’ We got to limit how they spend the money,” Jordan said on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures. 

Last week multiple damning stories emerged about the FBI’s misconduct, including the release of Special Counsel John Durham’s report on the FBI’s mishandling of the Trump-Russia probe, which found the FBI had no “actual evidence of collusion” when launching the investigation. 

Later in the week, FBI whistleblowers testified before Congress that the bureau has been targeting pro-life groups, padding crime stats to support President Biden’s narrative about the threat of white supremacy, and retaliating against agents for speaking out.  

On Friday, news broke of the FBI abusing the FISA Section 702 database to spy on Americans 278,000, including, according to National Review, “19,000 donors to a congressional candidate, crime victims, people who protested during the summer of unrest in 2020, and January 6 suspects.”

“We have to exercise our authority, the power of the purse, to limit what the federal government, what the FBI and Justice Department, are doing to the American people,” Jordan said. 

The appropriations process is already underway. Jordan said that the Judiciary Committee is meeting with Appropriations staff to work to “limit money” that supports these abuses.

In March, Jordan threatened to use “the power purse” against the FBI, saying “the government’s been targeting the very people it’s supposed to serve.”