Judge Merchan eases Trump’s gag order

by ian

New York Judge Juan Merchan – who oversaw Donald Trump’s hush money trial – is lifting part of the gag order on the former president.

Trump is now allowed to talk about witnesses and the jury. Conservative legal expert Jonathan Turely says this opens an important talking point for Trump as he proceeds deeper into campaign season.

Trump is still not allowed to talk about prosecutors, their family members, and court personnel, which Turley says is odd considering Trump has already been convicted.

Meanwhile, Trump could be facing another gag order in his classified documents case. Special Counsel Jack Smith is asking the judge to bar Trump from making inflammatory comments about federal law enforcement.

Smith is making that request in light of Trump’s claim that the FBI was authorized to assassinate him during the raid on Mar-a-Lago, because the agents were authorized to use deadly force if necessary according to standard procedure.