Justice Department files lawsuit against 5 pro-life activists

by ian

The Biden Justice Department continues its crackdown on pro-life activists.

Yesterday, the DOJ filed a new lawsuit against activists for alleged FACE Act violations. The defendants are accused of blocking the entrance of a Florida abortion clinic in 2022. According to the DOJ, all five ” trespassed onto a reproductive health center’s property, blocked the entrances and temporarily stopped operations at the center.”

As this is a civil case, no jail time is on the table, but the defendants could have to pay hefty fines. Three of them were previously convicted of similar charges in Tennessee, with two facing up to 10 years in prison.

This comes weeks after a 75-year-old woman in Massachusetts was sentenced to two years in prison for the same thing. The increased sentencing of pro-lifers under the FACE Act is leading to calls from conservatives, such as Texas Congressman Chip Roy, to repeal it altogether.