Kellogg Cereal Targets Children with LGBTQ Agenda

by mcardinal

Michael Cardinal, FISM News


In what seems like an appalling new norm, Kellogg is the latest company to seek to use their kid-friendly product to indoctrinate children with the LGBTQ agenda. The cereal corporation joins the likes of Lego, American Girl, and Nickelodeon in its foray into family homes, purposefully targeting the most vulnerable of society.

Kellogg released a statement last month in which they celebrated their “commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion” by releasing a special edition Together With Pride cereal. The new recipe features “berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter.” While cereal in general is typically marketed toward children, there is little doubt who Kellogg is targeting with this sugary, colorful breakfast food.

Each box also comes with a tear-off “Together Band” and those eating the cereal are encouraged to choose and wear the pronouns that they feel best describe them. The pronoun options listed on each band include he/him, she/her, they/them, or a space in which you can choose your own pronoun. The slogan for the proclaimed “pride month” cereal is “boxes are for cereal, not people.” Consumers are encouraged to participate in the #BoxesAreForCereal challenge on TikTok, a mainstay of pre-teens and teenagers.

They also boasted of their “years long partnership with GLAAD,” an LGBTQ organization that seeks to “shape the narrative” of their liberal agenda and “promote cultural change.” While completely unethical, one of the most effective ways to change a culture is to push an agenda on youth through appealing marketing ploys. It should come as no surprise that GLAAD is doing exactly what is stated in their mission to do.

Art Ally, President of the Timothy Plan, warned of the “dark and confusing” message that Kellogg is pushing to children:

It may be a cereal-box-size slogan, but it’s a billboard-size advertisement for the LGBTQ lifestyle. It should concern anyone who has a son or daughter that these groups are targeting their children. Parents, grandparents and investors of all ages need to be aware this is happening. Kellogg’s is selling much more than cereal, and we want people to know they’re pushing a radical agenda in every product.

Ally also encouraged Christian investors to “take action” by pulling any money invested in the company.

Christians can not afford to stand idly by. The world is aggressively seeking to desensitize our culture and corrupt our children. We must be equally bold to stand against these agendas and purposeful to train up the next generation in biblical truth and understanding.


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