Kentucky Church bake sale raises $145k for Ukrainian aid

by sam

Samuel Case, FISM News


This past weekend a church in Lexington, Kentucky, successfully raised a whopping $145,000 at a bake sale to help those displaced by the war in Ukraine.  The bake sale was held on Saturday by the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church of Nicholasville.

Victor Selepina, the pastor’s son-in-law, who organized the sale, told the Christian Post that the church “never anticipated to have so many people come out and to raise that amount of money.”

“Our community has been absolutely wonderful,” he told the Post, “and we’ve been very, very, very blessed with a community that we live in, and also the opportunities that this country has given us at one point that we can now organize such events.”

Alla Prokuevich, a member of the church, said preparation had started weeks ago. “We started like, ‘hey this is what we’re going to do.’ We started having meetings way in advance, like two three weeks in advance, and everybody kinda had their job, you’re baking this, you’re baking that,” Prokuevich said. 

Maria Musiyaka, who worked a register at the event said, “[the] money is going to go directly to help many displaced, for medical supplies for food, to help house families.”

Prokuevich said between three to four hundred families baked for the event and that tens of thousand people attended the sale.  “I think ten thousand people came out today, so we expected, but not this much. I mean we are so, so thankful and grateful, God is good.”