Kenyan police open fire on tax protestors

by ian

Police in Kenya are the subject of controversy after they opened fire on protestors outside of the nation’s parliament on Tuesday.

A group of young protestors had gathered in the country’s capital of Nairobi to protest proposed tax hikes. After several protestors reportedly illegally entered the building and set a fire, the police began to shoot at the crowd with live ammunition.

Officials estimate that anywhere from five to 10 people were killed while an additional 30 were wounded. The Kenya national hospital later confirmed that it was treating at least 45 protestors.

The Kenyan Parliament later voted to pass the proposed government budget with the tax increase intact. The bill has yet to be signed by Kenyan President William Ruto. The US embassy in Nairobi condemned the violence, saying, “We regret the tragic loss of life and injuries sustained including by the use of live fire.”

Tuesday’s events follow the deaths of two protestors last week, with one of the men reportedly being shot by the police.