KJP criticized for shrugging off Biden videos as ‘cheap fakes’

by ian

Recent videos of President Joe Biden looking lost and needing direction have brought up concerns over his mental health again. But when brought before White House officials, the problem is being dismissed as a Republican ploy.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned on these scenes during a Monday press briefing. For example, at a weekend fundraiser for Biden’s campaign videos began circulating of the President being led away by former President Barack Obama.

The video was shared to social media sites like X, with many saying that Biden “froze” on stage and needed to be “rescued” by Obama. When pressed on this issue, Jean-Pierre said the scene was an example of Biden and Obama’s longtime friendship.

Some Democrats attempted to share a different angle from the video to disprove the “freezing” accusation, but this clip doesn’t seem to show anything different or unusual from other clips.

Jean-Pierre was also asked about Biden’s recent visit with G7 leaders. The clip being shared showed Biden walking away from the other Western leaders and seemingly speaking to a nearby soldier. He was then redirected for a photo op by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Miloni.

Those who viewed the clip expressed embarrassment at the president needing aid from foreign leaders to know where to go and what to do. But Jean-Pierre said these accusations – and the clip on which they are based – are all part of a “cheap fake.”

Finally, Jean-Pierre spoke of the White House Juneteenth celebration which showed the president standing and staring at a performance while others were moving to the music. Again – some who saw this video alleged that the president found himself frozen and unable to move or do anything.

Jean-Pierre said that focusing on the president’s lack of dancing is a “weird thing” to point out.

Jean-Pierre doubled down on her accusation of “cheap fakes,” saying Republicans are doing this instead of focusing on the president’s career accomplishments. But polls as far back as the Spring of 2023 show that Americans are concerned about the president’s mental health.