Large number of Syrians, Pakistanis, Yemenis swarm border

by ian

Federal agents revealed that a large number of illegal immigrants from Syria, Pakistan, and Yemen are flooding the Arizona-Mexico border.

Real America’s Voice broke the story, with investigative journalist Ben Bergquam on the ground revealing what he described as tents full of “single, fighting-age men.”

The footage also showed border patrol agents being pulled away from their work at the border to drive vans filled with the illegal immigrants’ luggage. When asked where they were going, many of the migrants responded with, “New York.”

Footage also showed where these migrants were coming through, as one piece of the border wall had been cut. The video even captures a glimpse of the Mexican cartel on the other side, as well as a family from Ecuador making their way through the border wall.

Bergquam reports that when he first began visiting the Arizona border, he would see 10-15 state troopers stationed there to catch smugglers. Now, he says, there are none.