Large planetary alignment visible this week

by ian

Any fans of space may want to be gazing up at the sky this week – because you may just see a planetary alignment take place.

Multiple sources report that five of our solar systems planets will line up just after sunset on tomorrow, March 28. These five planets will be Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

As a sort of added bonus, our moon will also be included in the alignment.

Astronomers suggest that the best view would likely be just as the sun sets, since Mercury and Jupiter will likely dip below the horizon only 30 minutes after.

While a few of the planets will be visible to the naked eye, binoculars or telescopes are suggested to see the event in its full glory.

Planetary alignments themselves are rather common, even happening many times a year, but five planets together is a little less so. All Solar System planets aligned is even less common, and is not anticipated to happen again until 2161.