Libertarian Party rejects Trump and Kennedy, nominates obscure presidential candidate

by ian

On Sunday, the Libertarian Party rejected the efforts of both former President Donald Trump and independent candidate Robert Kennedy Jr to become their nominee for president.

Both Trump and Kennedy spoke at the party’s national convention in Washington, D.C., in an attempt to sway the delegates. Liberal-leaning Kennedy focused on the Bill of Rights as common ground with the party.

Both candidates received a mixed reception from Libertarian delegates, with some in the crowd even booing the former president.

Despite attempts to win over the convention, both Trump and Kennedy were rejected by the party. Instead; voters instead selected former Georgia senate candidate Chase Oliver. A former Democrat, Oliver describes himself as openly gay and in favor of policies such as an open border.

In his acceptance speech, Oliver criticized Israel for the ongoing war in Gaza and promised to serve as a contrast to both former President Trump and President Biden.