Liberty Counsel’s Mathew Staver on H.R. 1, the ‘Massive Election Fraud Bill’

by ian


While states such as Georgia and Florida have been passing their own election security measures, Democrats in Congress have been busy drawing up similar legislation. One of these bills, known as H.R. 1, was introduced in the House and supposedly aims to advance voting integrity, security, and access.

While it does expand access to online, mail-in, and in-person voting as as well as promote transparency in the voting process, it also includes multiple other measures that would change the voting atmosphere drastically. For instance, it wants to reduce the age for registering to vote to at least 16 years of age, and it wants to grant the District of Columbia statehood to provide representation for residents within the district. Other measures want to fund establishing various federal commissions and groups which would oversee the voting process.

The founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, Mathew Staver, went on Financial Issues to tell Dan Celia why this bill would be detrimental.