Lighthearted: 8 Year Old Girl Challenges School Board’s Mask Mandate

by sam

Karley Cicale, FISM News


Looking through headlines can be a real killjoy. But, regardless of your political leaning, hopefully our common humanity can still enjoy the innocence and wild workings of a child’s brain and revive a little of that joy.

In the midst of the mask controversy still extant at the tail end of the pandemic, one little 8-year-old girl stood before her school board in Collier County, Florida to plead on behalf of her schoolmates and call out the adults who’ve put the unending school mask policy in place.

 “Children are suffocating and you don’t know what it feels like,” she argued, “and I’m not wearing a mask now and never will as long as I can.”

Calling on her knowledge of the founding of the U.S., she declared, “George Washington made America so we could be free citizens of the United States of America, and the Statue of Liberty is for Liberty and Freedom, and we’re not free; so maybe you just don’t believe in George Washington or God, or like, the boss of you or someone is controlling you…stand up and take these masks off these children, don’t be afraid!”




While hilarious at first, as children can be, this demonstration serves as encouragement and an example that if parents and teachers keep up the good fight, the children are not lost yet.

So let’s applaud this little girl’s parents for raising a child with such strong conviction and the gumption to get up and speak out. And then, let’s see this as conviction to ourselves to have that same uninhibited willingness to state our beliefs and be persistent with those laying down the rules. As adults, the world may do more than laugh at us as they would children, but they will certainly pay attention.