Louisiana lawmakers pass bill requiring Ten Commandments in schools

by ian


Louisiana lawmakers passed a bill this week that could require public schools and universities to display the Ten Commandments in their buildings.

GOP State Rep. Dodie Horton introduced the bill, which states that the Ten Commandments must be printed on a poster that’s at least 11-by-14 inches and is the central focus of the poster. According to Axios, states such as Texas, South Carolina, and Utah have already tried to pass similar legislation.

But Louisiana could be the first to pass the bill if Gov. Jeff Landry signs it into law. Of course, The legislation received some backlash. Organizations such as the ACLU of Louisiana and the Freedom from Religion Foundation say the bill is unconstitutional.

They said, “The state may not require public schools to display the Ten Commandments in classrooms,” as it “violates students’ and families’ fundamental right to religious freedom.”