Majority of students say antisemitism is ‘problem’

by ian


Some college students are saying the quiet part out loud about antisemitism. This information comes from the U.S. News & World Report.

Looking at the top 25 national universities, an alarming 67% of students say that antisemitism is a problem on their campus. The majority of that group lists antisemitism as a small problem, but 14% classify it as “a huge problem.” By contrast, one-third say that it is not a problem at all.

Pamela Nadell, director of American University’s Jewish Studies Program, commented on the data saying it is nothing new.

“Every time events erupt in Israel, they trickle out into the U.S.,” Nadell said.

She further explained that while the protests began as a reaction to the war “it so often morphs into tropes that are deeply antisemitic.”

Students from these universities say the protests are making their campuses a more difficult environment to continue their studies.