Maritime migration concerns spike as Haitian chaos continues

by ian

Haiti continues to buckle under escalating gang violence and a worsening political crisis, especially after the recent resignation of Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

The chaos engulfing the island nation has its citizens looking for solutions including an escape to America. As such, the United States is on high alert.

The concern came up during a hearing on Tuesday held by the U.S. House Armed Services Committee. During this hearing, Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz told of a visit to an interagency task force that has seen Haitians already arriving in the nation.

Gaetz then asked what the U.S. is doing to prepare for even more migration on a massive scale. Rebecca Zimmerman, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Hemispheric Affairs, responded, prompting an exchange with Gaetz.

The state of Florida, under Gov. Ron DeSantis, is trying to get ahead of these worries by ordering additional assets to high-migratory areas in the state.

But it isn’t just the amount of illegal immigration that is concerning. Dr. Sumantra Maitra, a global politics expert, also told Fox News that another worry lies in the possibility that many illegal immigrants would be from the gangs themselves.

A problem also lies in the number of Americans still in the Caribbean nation. American missionaries in particular have been begging for rescue as the crime escalates. Nationwide lockdowns and flight cancellations have made it practically impossible for a safe means of escape for anyone trapped amid the chaos.

A U.S. anti-terrorism team has been dispatched to the nation’s capital of Port-au-Prince to protect the U.S. Embassy. There is no mention as of yet of any rescue mission for Americans still in Haiti.