Massive, Deadly Floods Hit Nations Worldwide

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


As water shortages hit Iran and wildfires burn through the Western U.S., the rest of the world has struggled with containing damage caused by massive flooding. China, India, Germany, Belgium, and Nigeria have been grappling with the deadly natural disasters.

In the city of Zhengzhou, capital of the Henan province in China, a year’s worth of rain poured down in just a few days. The resulting severe flooding killed 25 people in the city, while downing power supplies and stranding residents at home, in offices, and on public transportation. In areas where the flooding has gone down, crews have begun cleanup. There are over 50 confirmed deaths in the Henan province itself, according to state media, and people are still missing.


In India, authorities report that the Western state of Maharashtra has been hit by monsoon rains which caused landslides and flooding in low sea-level areas. In just 24 hours, parts of the western coast received 23 inches of rainfall. As of Friday, the death toll stands at 112, most of which were caused by the numerous landslides. Some citizens have been trapped by the landslides and electricity was knocked out for some regions.


Likewise, western Germany and Belgium have been dealing with the aftermath of floods from last week. In Western Germany, the worst natural disaster in over fifty years resulted in 170 confirmed deaths so far, as cleanup crews and rescue teams continue the search for thousands of missing people. Sabine Lackner, deputy chief of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, said any missing person now found is likely to be deceased.

Belgium’s crisis center had a similar message after dealing with their flood cleanup and searches. The center said that, given the search for over 400 missing people continues, “there is unfortunately a very strong chance that they will be among the fatalities.” The burst rivers and flash floods in the nation have killed a reported 37 people so far.


In Nigeria, flooding began on July 9 in the city of Jalingo in the Taraba State, found in the northeastern area of the country. The main city of Lagos, found in the southwestern part of the country, was then hit on July 16. The disaster destroyed around 300 homes and displaced over 4,000 people in Jalingo, according to Floodlist. There are no reports as of yet on displacements and destruction in Lagos.