Massive protest in Israel features call to replace Netanyahu

by ian

Israeli citizens gathered on Saturday across the nation calling for the removal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Tens of thousands of people amassed to declare Netanyahu an “obstacle” to a potential hostage release deal. They vowed to continue protesting until he is removed from his office.

The protesting group was comprised mainly of three key groups: families of hostages, the anti-Netanyahu movement, and citizens angered by Netanyahu’s attempted Supreme Court overhaul.

The Israeli government has also put some pressure on Netanyahu to allow more wiggle room when it comes to negotiating for the hostages. But the prime minister is staying committed to his position of eliminating Hamas, accusing his cabinet of being soft on dealing with the terrorist group.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad in Palestine seems to be proving Netanyahu’s point. The group, funded by Iran, which also funds Hamas, vowed ultimate victory over Israel in the war.