Mat Staver: John Lewis Act Would Guarantee No ‘Free or Fair Election Ever Again’

by ian


The highly controversial “For the People Act,” otherwise known as H.R. 1 which aims to completely redo U.S. voting with more federal government control and other means, found itself D.O.A. in the Senate thanks to aggressive opposition from GOP lawmakers. However, this hasn’t stopped the zealous attitude from left-leaning politicians to pass massive overhaul bills such as H.R. 1 through both houses of Congress.

Now Congress has turned to the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act,” which was introduced in the House of Representatives back in 2019. When it passed there and moved to the Senate, which at that point was controlled by Republicans, it was never brought up for a vote. Democratic Congressional leaders have teased the idea of bringing up the bill for the 117th Congress to consider, especially since Democrats have greater control of both chambers.

However, as is the case with many recent Democrat-sponsored bills, the contents of the John Lewis Act do not do justice to its name. Concerning the act itself, Senataor Ted Cruz (R-TX) gives a warning about the bill saying it will inhibit the abilities of states in election seasons.

…your state legislature in your home doesn’t have the ability to pass laws concerning voting without getting an unelected bureaucrat in the Department of Justice to sign off on it first. Mind you, this is after Joe Biden has nominated and Senate Democrats have confirmed extreme partisans to the Department of Justice.

To further discuss the bill, Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel spoke with Dan Celia about the dangers of the John Lewis Act and why Americans should be wary of its effects on elections.