McCarthy gives Mayorkas ultimatum: ‘Resign or face impeachment’

by mcardinal

Curt Flewelling, FISM News



Elections have consequences, and now that the GOP has wrested control away from Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives, GOP legislators are giving warning of upcoming changes to the standard operating procedures that Democrats have instituted over the past two years.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy(R-CA) is wasting no time on making good on his party’s promise to aggressively address the issue of border security. The GOP leader chose the border city of El Paso, Texas to give Department of Homeland Security (DOS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas an ultimatum: “Resign or face impeachment.”

The Republican leader told reporters, “Today, I am calling on the secretary to resign, he cannot and must not remain in that position. If Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas does not leave his post by January 3, when the new session in Congress commences, House Republicans will investigate every order, every action, and every failure and determine whether we can begin impeachment inquiry.”

Several Republican candidates made border security a focal point of their campaigns. Prior to the Biden administration’s failed policies, illegal immigration was primarily only concerning to southern border states. With the proliferation of sanctuary cities all across America and terrorists and fentanyl flooding coming across the border in record numbers, the issue now resonates with voters everywhere.

Republicans contend that a secure border is of vital importance in keeping the nation safe. One of the pillars of the GOP’s “Commitment to America” is specifically, “Making America a nation that is safe.”

McCarthy promised to use their majority in the House to begin to take action on keeping the Biden administration accountable:

In 42 days we end one-party Democrat rule in Washington. A new House of Republicans will work to stop Joe Biden’s assault on our laws, our borders, and our border agents. We will use the power of the purse and the power of the subpoena. Now let me be clear, those responsible for this disaster will be held responsible.

Conservatives have expressed outrage about the lack of action in policing our southern border.

Representative August Pflugler (R-TX) had this to say about Secretary Mayorkas: “He’s utterly failed at protecting Americans and he is insulting the intelligence of every single American by saying that the border is secure.”

The Republican continued, “His legacy is going to be an open border and allowing criminals, drugs, and terrorists into our country. He needs to resign and we’re committed to oversight.”

With a new-found majority in the House, Republicans definitely have the numbers to impeach the Secretary if they are unified.

Taking bold action on illegal immigration seems to be a safe move for Republicans as polling has consistently shown that both Democrat and Republican constituents are concerned about the problem.

This past fiscal year, encounters with illegal immigrants have ballooned up to a staggering 2.7 million, which is even more staggering when compared with just 646,000 encounters in the last fiscal year of the Trump administration.

Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan has implored the next Congress to take swift action.  He told the Washington Examiner, “The time for excuses is over, the next Congress needs to take actual steps to hold this administration accountable for the chaos and carnage they have unleashed on our Southwest border.