Mexican president doxes New York Times bureau while denying cartel ties

by ian

Critics claim that Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is risking journalists’ lives after he doxed the local New York Times bureau.

The paper asked him for a comment regarding allegations of his potential ties with drug cartels. But the president publicly released the address of the paper’s local branch yesterday along with the bureau chief’s number. He responded to the request that all claims are “completely false.”

Forty-six journalists have died during the Mexican president’s administration. Notably, the cartel is known for violent revenge actions against reporters. The Times called it a “troubling and unacceptable tactic.” Hours later, they released their full report that details a yearslong probe led by U.S. authorities into López Obrador’s links with the drug lords.

The Times says that, because American agents hoped to protect U.S.-Mexico relations, the investigation was never formalized. The Mexican president is calling on Washington to either deny or confirm the reports.