Mexico busing immigrants from Guatemala to U.S. border

by ian

Mexico is now assisting migrants on their journey north to the US, busing them up from the southern part of the country. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says this is to protect migrants from the dangers of the Mexican cartel.

Mexico has deployed over 260 buses and vans since the program began on Monday, dispersing over 8,000 migrants northward. Over the last week, 10,000 people have flooded the US southern border daily.

This comes as trains have been suspended in the last few weeks due to accidents involving migrants trying to hitch a free ride to the States.

Lopez Obrador has also called for a meeting with 10 Latin American countries to address the migration crisis. He is advocating for a “joint plan,” saying, “it’s a structural issue and we need to face it.” The meeting will take place in 10 days.