Migrant crisis: Sanctuary city regret and a criminal arrest

by ian

In some recent news dealing with border policy and security, it seems like the New York government plans on forwarding the immigrant shelter bill to taxpayers.

According to a state source who showed documents and emails to the press, the New York City government is looking to house migrants on Randall’s Island. Here it plans to provide 2,000 beds at the cost of $20 million per month to the taxpayer, assuming each bed is filled. For context, that averages to about $10,000 per housed migrant.

This comes after Mayor Eric Adams and his team gave some updates on the migrant crisis in the city, including the total cost coming to $12 billion over three years. The need for help is great as the negatives of such a crisis continue to rear their heads.

Still in the state of New York, the National Guard was deployed to the western part of the state following the arrest of a migrant.

According to reports, a migrant who was resettled from New York City was charged with first-degree sexual abuse and misdemeanor unlawful imprisonment.

The man, who is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was resettled to a hotel in Erie County. A 27-year-old female worker at that hotel reported on Friday that he had sexually assaulted her.

Officials have said that the hotel will no longer house asylum seekers and would not take in any more migrants until security measures improve.

Unfortunately, the toll of negative news continues. Also on Friday, officials announced that a busload of migrants travelling from Texas to Chicago witnessed the tragic death of a 3-year-old child.

The child was among the migrants riding the bus, making this the first announcement of a death since the shuttling process began last year.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management clarified that the bus pulled over and called 9-1-1 once health concerns were apparent. The child received medical attention at a nearby hospital in Illinois, where the bus stopped, and was later pronounced dead.

“Every loss of life is a tragedy,” the Division said in a statement.

Apparently, this particular bus was full of volunteers who “willingly chose to go to Chicago.”

Finally, rounding out our news on the migrant crisis, a Venezuelan illegal immigrant was recently arrested after being charged with fraud, money laundering, and the “financing of terrorism.”

This individual was apprehended at the border in April 2021 but released into the U.S. with a notice to appear before a judge. Not long after, a criminal court in Venezuela issued an arrest warrant for this same person under the aforementioned charges.

It wasn’t until Aug. 8 of this year that the man was located by the CBP. He was apparently found to be in the Central U.S. and was apprehended by agents from the CBP’s field office in Chicago.