Migrant crossings jump in monthly and daily counts

by ian

The Biden administration just bragged about low border numbers, but then set another record high last month.

In June, the White House boasted of reducing unlawful entries by 70% from the previous month. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre repeated this claim Thursday.

But the Washington Post reported that U.S. Customs and Border Protection set a new record in family group apprehensions last month. According to preliminary data, agents arrested at least 91,000 migrants in this category, which is a seven-percent increase from the previous record set in May 2019.

The Biden administration set up a program three months ago to fast-track family deportations in an effort to deter illegal border crossings. But the numbers since then show it’s more talk than action. Out of 2,600 enrollments, the U.S. carried out fewer than 100 deportations.

Meanwhile, agents apprehended more than 7,000 migrants at the Southern border on Tuesday alone. That’s more than double the average of daily crossings compared to early June, right after Title 42 expired.