Minnesota Vikings’ K.J. Osborn credits God after saving man from burning car

by Jacob Fuller

Curt Flewelling, FISM News

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NFL wide receiver K.J. Osborn credits God with having him in the “right place at the exact right time” when the Minnesota Viking saved the life of a Texas man on Monday.

What started out as a simple Uber ride turned into a surreal experience as an erratic driver sped by Osborn, crashed into a column, and burst into flames, right before the stunned 25 year old’s eyes.

Osborn tweeted, “Last night, myself and three absolute heroes helped save a man’s life by rescuing him from a vehicle up in flames after a bad crash. It was a situation I’d never imagine being a part of in a million years.”

The young hero explained what he called the “crazy situation”, to Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

“Initially, I started running to the fire with Abdul (his Uber driver) and then I started thinking for a second. This car could blow up,” Osborn said. “Eventually, the driver was able to muster enough strength to move his upper body to the passenger seat and kind of be able to pull his arms out and ask for help. And that’s when we all went down and we were able to pull him out.”

Osborn believes fate definitely played a part in all of this as he admits he would never have been in Austin in the first place if his trainer had not moved to Texas. Even more bizarre is the fact that Osborn missed his first Uber as it was the second Uber that was in the right place at the right time.

“God is real and the timing was real for all of it,” he said.

The Viking star has risen to the occasion in pressure-packed situations on the football field, but he realizes what he did Monday was a whole other level of stress. He reflected on it on the Adam Schefter Podcast.

“This was real life. We’ve had all these Viking thrillers, but that’s a football game. When it comes to saving a human’s life, that’s way bigger than anything I’ve experienced,” Osborn said.

Although this is the first time that he has saved a life, K.J. Osborn is no stranger to helping his fellow man. The wide receiver partners with The Salvation Army and has donated rent assistance funds to struggling families in the Minneapolis area.

Once again, K.J. Osborn has given back to the community. But the young man readily acknowledges that it is not him, but the God who has placed him in these situations, that deserves praise.

“I’ll leave you with this. God is real. And His LOVE is real. He will send his angels to be camped out around you and provide you with his grace and mercy.”