Missouri Attorney General places new limits on sex change treatments

by ian

An emergency rule released by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey will place new restrictions on sex change treatments in the state.

Starting on April 27, doctors must provide greater transparency on hormonal gender dysphoria treatments. Patients must know these drugs do not have FDA approval and that puberty blockers risk permanent health changes. These include brain swelling, blindness, and a failure to attain normal bone density.

Bailey says the drugs are experimental. They are particularly harmful to minors and should count as child abuse.

Missouri already inhibits sex change treatments until gender dysphoria continues for more than three years. 15 hours of counseling is also required.

Pro-LGTB organizations say the emergency rule is anti-science and deceptive. They will challenge the rule in court.

But Bailey is adamant that science is on his side. The regulation includes six pages of referenced studies.

Missouri’s hard stance follows an investigation of misconduct at the lead hospital for pediatric transgender services. It should be noted the whistleblower worked at the hospital because she originally supported LGTB rights.